Vis Fatalis is an English speaking PvX Guild on ToFN. Required in General Common Sense Ability to prioritize Self assessment Ambition to be excellent Proficiency Maturity Patience Ability to play well under pressure Ability to cope with strong critisi…
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Faction: Imperial
Server: Tomb of Freedon Nadd
15 Members
1390 days ago · From Lasersilma
One of the simplest, and potentially most addictive, puzzle games you’ll ever play:) Welcome my playmates
Game: 32
Server: g_server_general
2 Members
1388 days ago · From Moons
Hive Rewards Program now Active (Be rewarded for being active) Unique Custom Website Featuring Points system,integrated Ts3 and many other features Sponsor's from GungHo energy supplement and Enjin Own DayZ Server's so when you need a break come and try a…
Game: 32
Server: g_server_general
1 Members
1371 days ago · From Grim Roth
Zenfamily, We are a group of friendly players who enjoy all aspects of the game.
Game: 4
Faction: 1
Server: g_server_wow_Aegwynn (EU)
1 Members
1270 days ago · From Zenderxx
We are a bunch of chill gamers who like to play competitively for some games and then have fun and chill for other games. We are very welcoming of anybody and don't turn people away so come and join us so we can be Hearthstone Homeboys. :)
Game: 1048576
4 Members
1215 days ago · From wolf9002
More challenging than Poker and more engaging than Blackjack, once you learn the techniques and strategies behind Hokm, you'll be hooked ;) ****Rules of Hokm : The game is played with a full standard deck of 52 cards b…
Game: 32
Server: g_server_general
2 Members
1175 days ago · From Moons
Venimus Vidimus Vicimus is a Dominion guild with mature and friendly player base. As a guild we support all activities in the game, but do not expect everyone to participate in everything. So if you are willing to put in the effort to become a raider, the…
Game: WildStar
Faction: Dominion
Server: Eko (EU)
1 Members
1094 days ago · From demonolight
Spend money on artwork, it will always be related along with draw as well as pics. But it is the fact that art exist overall things for the time being. Illustrating pictures on partitions is usually typical, Certainly, about affliction that will all these…
Game: Nike Shoes Aid the real Artwork of Existence
1 Members
996 days ago · From spzig46
Perhaps you have noticed regarding the nike air max billigt boot series? throughout scenario one does in which case you need not become worried merely since obtaining it layout as well as located about persons fantastic sneakers won't store you difficulti…
Game: get attractive in addition to extremely functional nike air max
1 Members
985 days ago · From sogert23
After you think of Nike, are usually very first thing of which comes to mind? You heard that right, you might be probably contemplating activities clothes. That's for the reason that nike free 5.0 dame did a decent career regarding promoting its brand. We…
Game: informed in which excellent activities products- nike free
1 Members
985 days ago · From sogert23
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