World of Warplanes Will Go Open Beta Soon

Have a hankering for some World War II-style dogfighting?’s World of Tanks followup, World of Warplanes, has announced that it will soon enter open beta.

World of Warplanes is a F2P MMO combat flying sim where pilots battle opponents in team matches. The planes are historically authentic and feature a variety of flight styles ranging from light dogfighters and heavy ground bombers.

Players can purchase upgrades and new vehicles using currency earned through playing or purchased using real world cash. Your currency is shared between World of Tanks, World of Battleships, and World of Warplanes, so money earned in one game can be spent in another.

When open beta begins, there will be a hard wipe where all achievements and currencies will be reset. Test gold will be replaced with tokens, which will be awarded based on how much time a player spent on the closed beta. New players can earn tokens through playing the open beta.

The open beta will be released in two stages: the first will implement the token system, and the second will wipe the tokens and replace them with credits.

There will be another wipe at launch, but beta testers will be offered a variety of rewards for their time if they completed at least 100 battles prior to launch.

Specific dates for open beta and launch have not been announced.

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