Star Trek Online’s Season 8.5 Releasing January 30

Star Trek Online’s upcoming Season 8.5, the latest update to the game, is releasing on January 30, 2014, as part of the game’s 4th anniversary celebration.

As usual, Q will be providing you with some “fun” activities for a chance to earn a cool new starship (or three). Federation, Romulan Republic, and Klingon Defense Force scientists have been hard at work adapting Dyson technology to their ship designs—and they need testers. You could be that guinea pig tester, you lucky devil.

The update will also feature an episode starring a Star Trek actor who has not yet made an appearance in the game. They will be revealing this actor next week sometime when they release the first sneak peek for the episode. If you dream big enough, it just might be Shatner. Someday…

Expanding upon the Federation’s updated tutorial, the team also updated 12 episodes in the early-game experience, giving new players a bit of an easier time with learning the game.

The hourly event calendar will be “re-envisioned” as weekend-long events with better rewards. A small selection of previous hourly events are not being turned into Daily missions; we’ll hear more about these “soon.”

Another big detail is the ability to easily switch between your starships in sector space and social zones, making it quicker to get to the ship you want to fly. On top of that, each ship can have multiple pre-made build-outs saved that can be switched around quickly. They’ll also be increasing the current ship slot limit.

More details are on the way, so stay tuned.

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