World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Preview

As most of us already know, on November 8th of this year Blizzard announced the next expansion for the famous MMORPG; World of Warcraft, but what is so great about this expansion? Why should we upgrade to Warlords of Draenor?

Unlike most World of Warcraft expansions, WoD won’t have any new races or classes (at least, that’s what we’ve been told). Instead, Blizzard has decided to revamp things from the older expansions, such as character models, but we’ll go into more detail on that later.

 The main features of Warlords of Draenor are:

  • Level cap 100
  • A free character skipped to level 90
  • New region – Draenor
  • Revamped character models from the older expansions

And last, but definitely not least,

  • Garrisons

These are only a few of the features coming to WoW in the new expansion, but we’ll go into the finer details later on.

[  Level Cap  ]

This is pretty generic for Blizzard, the level cap changes after every expansion they release for WoW, and so this isn’t such a big surprise.

I don’t know about you folks, but I’m actually looking forward to some more leveling in WoW. It’s been a long time… you know what I mean?

[  Free level 90  ]

When I heard about this I jumped around like a little fan-boy in excitement.

Every player who upgrades to Warlords of Draenor will receive a free level 90 character of their choice. Players can either choose a previously played character to skip to level 90, or create a fresh character and skip to level 90.

Blizzard… why give everyone a free level 90?

World of Warcraft is a very old game now, and with its vast amount of players there are millions of people who have already hit level cap multiple times. In turn this makes the game less enjoyable for new players of the game. Think about it; you bought a new game and all the expansions, but you can’t experience the expansions unless you put hours and hours into the game and reach level cap.

With Warlords of Draenor Blizzard has decided that everybody, whether they be new to the game or a veteran, should be able to experience the new content straight off the bat, thus introducing the free level 90.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m totally pumped to skip my shaman to 90.

Draenor  ]

Warlords of Draenor, as you can probably imagine, is set in Draenor. Draenor is the original home world of the Orcs and the last refuge of the Draenei.

Here is an early map of how the region will be set out:


Draenor is the realm we know as Outlands, but before it hit rock bottom. As a result, a lot of the zone names will be familiar to players, but Blizzard are making everything from scratch for the new expansion.

A few of the key areas are:

  • Frostfire Ridge – The Horde’s entry point into Draenor
  • Bladespire Citadel – The Horde’s capital city
  • Shadowmoon Valley – The Alliance’s entry point into Draenor
  • Karabor – The Alliance’s capital city

Updated Character Models  ]

Now this has been a long time waiting. Finally the older characters, such as Orcs, Humans and the rest will be revamped and given the same level of animation and design as the newer races, such as Pandarens. This will be a nice change for the older players, as we’ll now shape up against the new improved models. Here’s a comparison between the older models and the new models:Updated Gnome Models

As we can see in the photo, the models are a lot more detailed and realistic-looking. It’s like looking into the beautiful, more detailed future…

[  Garrisons  ]

This is by far the biggest feature in the new expansion. Blizzard has announced that every playerwill have the chance to create their own Garrison and upgrade it as they progress through the expansion. This will introduce new, amazingly fun things, such as house parties and domestic violence! All right maybe not, but have some imagination people! Think of the fun we could have with our friends in our very own garrisons!

 Here's a video preview of the Garrison feature:

The expansion will house a lot more features, but these are very fine features such as stat changes and new raid systems etc.

 Jack-Daniel Hunt

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