The Class Skills of Elder Scrolls Online – Sorcerer

Elder Scrolls Online will launch with 4 available Classes.  Last time we had a look at the skills of the Templar.  This time let’s examine the Class Skills for the deadly Sorcerer. 


[   Sorcerer   ]


The Sorcerer is the master of magic, the manipulator of arcane energy who has the power to unleash devastation upon his foes.  He can also summon fearsome daedric creatures to aid him in battle and twist the minds of others to his whims. 


Storm Calling


The first skill line of the Sorcerer is Storm Calling: I’m guessing the default Sorcerer player skill line and the one that is orientated towards causing damage on your enemies.  The Passives are: Capacitor, which is a basic magicka regen increase; Energized, increasing all lightning based damage; Disintegrate, making your lightning spells have a chance of disintegrating foes with low health into a pile of ash; and Expert Mage, reducing the cost of all lightning spells. 


The Actives for Storm Calling are Bolt Escape, a helpful skill for Sorcerers as it allows you to teleport forward, stunning any nearby foes; Lightning Splash, which creates an area of lightning causing damage to any foes in the radius; Mage’s Fury, the basic “blast your foe” lightning spell calling down lightning and causing shock damage but also applying a deadly debuff that will cause the foe to explode and deal extra damage when they pass below a certain health threshold; Surge, a self-buff increasing your power; and Lightning Form, which wraps you up in lightning, reducing the damage you take for a short time whilst also dealing shock damage to all nearby foes. 


Storm Calling’s Ultimate ability is Overload, which will be a toggable attack mode, switching light and heavy attacks with more powerful versions that use Ultimate as their resource. 


Dark Magic


Dark Magic is the way of manipulating your foe’s mind and therefore incapacitating them whilst strengthening yourself at his expense.  The Passives for this darker skill line are: Unholy Knowledge, reducing the Magicka and Stamina costs of all Dark Magic abilities; Blood Magic, which heals you if you strike your foe with Dark Magic; Persistence, increasing Dark Magic spells’ duration; and Exploitation, which increases the chance of getting a critical strike when you’re attacking a foe affected by Dark Magic. 


The Actives are: Encase, causing darkened shards to burst from the earth, immobilizing nearby foes; Repulse, causing nearby foes to be knocked backwards and ensnared for a short time; Rune Prison, imprisoning foes within a runic prison, disorientating them but also temporarily increasing their health regen; Dark Exchange, allowing you to channel dark magic, restoring your health and magicka at the cost of stamina; and Daedric Mines, which summons 3 mines in front of you.  The mines take a few seconds to arm, and then proceed to immobilize and cause magic damage to any foes who touch them. 


Dark Magic’s Ultimate Ability is Negate Magic, which dispels enemy magic effects in the area and any foes who are spellcasting are silenced and take extra damage. 


Daedric Summoning


The last of the Sorcerer’s skill lines is basically derived from the Elder Scrolls Conjuration school of magic.  This allows you to summon Daedra and conjured armour to assist the Sorcerer in combat.  The Passive are: Rebate, causing you to regain some of your magicka when one of your summoned Daedra is slain; Power Stone, reducing the cost of your Ultimates; Daedric Protection, which increases your health regen whilst any summoning ability is slotted on your action bar; and Expert Summoner, gaining various bonuses for your summoned Daedra: the Winged Twilight’s duration is increased, the Familiar’s movement speed is increased, and the Atronach’s range is increased.  


Daedric Summoning Actives include: Unstable Familiar, summoning a small familiar to attack your foes, and reduces the maximum magicka of the Sorcerer slightly whilst active; Daedric Curse, a debuff which, when expires, causes damage on all nearby foes; Summon Winged Twilight, which surprise surprise, summons a Winged Twilight to aid you in battle, and reduces the maximum magicka of the Sorcerer slightly whilst active; Bound Armour, summoning magical armour to protect you at the expense of magicka regen and Conjured Ward, which creates a magical shield to absorb damage against you and your summoned creatures.  


The Daedric Summoning Ultimate Ability is the impressive Summon Storm Atronach, which summons a tough Storm Atronach.  Whilst it can’t move, it stuns foes in the targeted area and causes shock damage, as well as casting lightning spells. 


Check back next week to read about the Class Skills of the fourth class in Elder Scrolls Online, the cunning Nightblade.

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