The Class Skills of Elder Scrolls Online: Templar

Elder Scrolls Online will launch with 4 available Classes.  Last time we had a look at the skills of the Dragonknight.  This time let’s examine the Class Skills for the courageous Templar. 

 [   Templar   ]


The Templar is a master of defence and protection, healing companions and striking down undead and Daedra and channelling the energy from the sun to strike down her enemies and aid her allies. 

[  Aedric Spear ]


The first skill line for the Templar is Aedric Spear, revolving around the use of a conjured, magical spear and the classic paladin or champion of light aspect.  The Passives are Piercing Spear, increasing the chance of getting a critical strike with spear abilities, and dealing extra damage to targets who’re blocking; Spear Wall, increasing the amount of damage you can block whilst you’ve a spear ability on your action bar; Burning Light, adding a chance to deal extra damage with spear abilities, and Balanced Warrior, increasing your weapon power and resistance to spells. 

Aedric Spear Actives are: Puncturing Strikes, an attack which hits 4 times dealing chained damage to any foes in front of you and causing the closest foe to be knocked back on the final hit; Piercing Javelin, which hurls the spear to cause damage against a foe and knocks them backwards; Focused Charge, allowing you to charge into a foe, interrupting their attacks and dealing Magic damage; Spear Shards, dealing Magic damage to all foes in an area and giving a bonus to your damage for a short time, and Sun Shield, which creates a damage-absorbing shield, its strength based on your maximum health.  It also deals damage to nearby foes, returns damage to them and is replenished each time a foe strikes it.  However the Templar’s Magicka doesn’t regen whilst the shield is active. 

Aedric Spear’s Ultimate Ability is Radial Sweep, causing Magic damage to all nearby foes around you with the conjured spear. 

[  Dawn’s Wrath  ]


This is the skill line for channelling the sun’s energy to blind, stun and damage your foes.  Its passives are Enduring Rays, increasing Dawn’s Wrath ability durations; Prism, which allows you to gain an additional Ultimate when activating a Dawn’s Wrath ability; Illuminate, allowing you to take less damage from foes affected by your Dawn’s Wrath abilities and Restoring Spirit, restoring some Magicka when activating an ability. 

Dawn’s Wrath Actives are Sun Fire, hurling a white-hot projectile at a target, dealing initial damage plus DOT, and also snaring the victim; Solar Flare, dealing damage to the target as well as damaging any nearby foes, affected foes take more damage from the next attack; Backlash, which stores up incoming damage before unleashing it against nearby foes; Eclipse, which reflects single target, negative spells back at their casters and Blinding Light, causing all incoming enemy attacks to miss and has a chance to make the attackers off balance. 

The Dawn’s Wrath Ultimate Ability is Nova: the ability to summon a small sun which causes all nearby foes to deal less damage whilst suffering DOT.  If an ally activates the Supanova synergy, enemies in the area will be dealt more damage and be stunned for a short period of time. 

[  Restoring Light  ]


This, naturally, is the “Healer” skill line, for those players wishing to focus on aiding and healing their party members.  Passives include Master Ritualist, giving you a more speedy resurrection and giving you more health when you’re rezzed and with a chance of a soul gem not being consumed; Light Weaver, which increases Restoring Aura’s duration, reduces the cost of Healing Ritual and causes you to take less damage whilst channelling with Rite of Passage; Mending, increasing the critical strike chance of Restoring Light abilities on allies with the amount of increase based on how low the ally’s health is and Focused Healing, increasing the amount of healing done to allies standing in your area of protection for Rite of Passage, Cleansing Ritual and Rune Focus. 

The extremely beneficial Actives are Rushed Ceremony, which heals a nearby wounded ally; Healing Ritual, healing all nearby allies, with increased healing for the Templar; Restoring Aura, giving you increased health and stamina regen when on your action bar, and when activated it gives allies increased health and stamina regen; Cleansing Ritual, which instantly removes a negative effect from you and heals allies in the area and Rune Focus, creating an area of protection in which you gain immunity to interrupt effects and take less damage whilst it lasts. 

Restoring Light’s Ultimate Ability is Rite of Passage, which channels a restorative aura that heals you and causes nearby allies to take less damage. 

Check back in a fortnight to read about more Class Skills in Elder Scrolls Online. 

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