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Elder Scrolls Online promises to be a massive, spectacular virtual world in which players will be able to immerse themselves in the richly detailed and vibrant continent of Tamriel.  The Elder Scrolls series is one of the leading rpgs in the world, with great stories, vast open worlds and almost endless content.  Besides questing and player versus player battles, what will there be for gamers to do in the online version of Bethesda’s masterpiece?

 [   Exploration   ]


While exploration will no doubt be a part of questing, exploration for its own sake is immensely enjoyable.  While at launch not all of Tamriel will be accessible and some provinces will only become available in future expansions, ESO will include a larger map than any other recent Elder Scrolls game, and eventually almost the entire continent will be opened up for players to explore.  Tamriel has a large diversity of different environments, ranging from the wind-swept deserts of Hammerfell to the tropical jungles of Elsweyr, the frigid mountains of Skyrim and the swampy hells of Blackmarsh. 


It’s going to be an achievement and a mighty quest in itself exploring the entirety of Tamriel, and due to 50+ you won’t even need to create multiple characters to experience different zones.  Rather, after reaching the level cap you can explore the zones of opposing factions, tripling the play time.  Scattered across each zone will be a myriad of caves, dungeons, ruins and other places to explore, often revealing their own secrets.  One of the encouraging rewards for exploring is the discovery of Skyshards, finding three of which awards the player with an additional skill point. 

 [   Crafting   ]


Like other MMORPGs, ESO will allow players to gather and harvest resources from the environment, by mining, herbalism and fishing, and engage in professions that involve the production of certain items using those resources.  The five trade skills are Weaponsmithing, Armoursmithing, Alchemy, Enchanting and Provisioner.  You will be able to master two of these professions, or alternatively become a jack of all trades, although you won’t be able to master all of them.  Players will be able to craft quality gear, and so won’t have to rely on high level dungeons to get the best items.  Gear can also be improved to ensure you have top notch equipment and maximise your potential. 

 [   Achievements   ]

 While there isn’t much information as yet on achievements, they are confirmed for ESO.  It is assumed that they will be categorised into PvP, dungeons, crafting, exploration and so on, and will probably have some sort of points based system.  They may also generate rewards, but details on this have not as yet been released. 

 [   Endgame   ]


Once you have reached the level cap, which is level 50, you will have the chance to experience the zones of the other two opposing factions.  This is called 50+, and will result in many more hours of playtime.  The level of monsters in these zones will be scaled up, so it will still be a challenge rather than just being a simple walk over. 

 Instead of traditional ‘raids’, ESO will include top level areas called Adventure Zones.  The few details released about what these zones will involve can be summarised as solo missions, bosses that can only be taken down by parties, and large group PvE engagements. 

 Elder Scrolls Online is shaping up to be a promising online rpg, and like any other MMO, it will have extra activities that players will be able to participate in.  I’m sure, with the quality of updates Zenimax have released so far, that there will be more to invest your playtime in on launch. 

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