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Well, ladies and gentlemen, Theresa (my wife) and I have made it back safe, sound and unharmed from Monday night’s GTA V midnight release. If you’re a fan of the series you’ll love this game, if not then don’t expect your opinion to change. Luckily, this i
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John Osiecki · 1344 days ago

Wow! I’m finally back with a new blog post here at Exilic. It may not have actually been a long time since my last post but it certainly feels like forever. Those of you that follow me on Twitter know I’ve been promising this for a few days now. Unfortunat
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John Osiecki · 1348 days ago

Hello everyone just wanted to pop in and kick off this blog. After a day of playing with the boys I have to say I'm once again completely wiped out. Three kids in and you would think I would be used to this. I love it but I'm not quite sure I'll ever get u
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John Osiecki · 1354 days ago